Gas Head Willy is missing, and D.B. Murphy has been hired to find him. It seems easy at first, but as Murphy learns more about the missing veteran's secret life, he is plunged into a prohibition-era underworld of booze cans and swamp whiskey.

Paperback Omnibus

From Horseshoe to Gumshoe: The D.B. Murphy Omnibus (Paperback)

The first three D.B. Murphy novels in one volume. Order now for shipping within Ontario, or pick up at The Ginger Press in Owen Sound! 


Instant Download E-book

Gas Head Willy:

2017 E-book Edition

Out of print for over a decade, Gas Head Willy: Introducing D. B. Murphy, Private Detective is now available as an e-book to enjoy on your smartphone, tablet, e-reader or computer.